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Featured Pattern: Grace Jones

Far From Timid is far from boring. All of our patterns are sourced from original paintings made by artists we love. Our current collection features patterns and paintings by Alona Fromberg-Elkayam. The Grace Jones pattern story 1. We sourced our Grace Jones pattern from this painting, Grace II: 2. We isolated the area we identified as a killer pattern 3. Created a vector 4. Colorized the vector 5. Then, we scale and size the pattern uniquely for each of our products.  Shop Grace Jones Pattern #18 Collection Follow Far From Timid on Instagram

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In her own words: An interview with artist/singer/songwriter Danielle Goz

I sat down with artist/singer/songwriter Danielle Goz to talk about her future as an emerging and local New York City talent.  Danielle co-produced Far From Timid's THEN WHAT exhibit on 11/14 in addition to her performance that evening. ***What are you listening to? I’m listening to a lot of stuff, but lately I’ve been really into Finneas. He’s an incredible lyricist, artist, and producer.  It’s just inspiring to see someone whose talented in so many different directions.  I really connect with his music.   What’s your current dream? My dream is to be able to live a life full of creating music and art, and to be able to share that art with the world. I just hope to have a platform one day...

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In his own words: An interview with musician Carlos "Patafunk" Martinez

I sat down with my friend and musician Carlos "Patafunk" Martinez to share his art with us. We met about eight years ago and I have been following his career ever since I heard him play a sensual day session at the now closed Cafe Noir in Soho.   *** What are you listening to?Paul Simon  What’s your current dream? To get to the next level where my songs get more play at concerts and festivals around the world. A live audience inspires me. Playing live with the people and the sounds, is a catalyst for my band and I to discover our next sound. How are you Far From Timid in achieving that dream?Patafunk and Greenpoint Records are ready to release my new album ‘High...

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Then What - Happened

Photos by Autumn Layne. Follow her on Instagram!  “This is not of the art world. This is the future of the art world, where art, design, and commerce meet to dance effortlessly.”  This is how the media described the launch of our new collection, THEN WHAT, on November 14, 2019. Music featuring Patafunk and spirits generously provided by Sagamore Spirit, MDH Americas, and Industrial Arts We celebrated the launch in a secluded gallery in New York’s Lower East Side. Our goal was to create an experience where art, design, music, community, and commerce connected in a seamless way.   THEN WHAT featured both a design collection and the original art of Alona Fromberg-Elkayam, Far From Timid’s partner and collaborator. Shop THEN WHAT...

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THEN WHAT: Rumble In The Jungle 11.14.19An exhibition of art and design by Alona Fromberg-Elkayam ** Our greatest self, lives in the dark corners of the soul where there are no places left to hide. In our most trying moments, we either free fall and resign to circumstance or fight to reclaim the best parts of ourselves and live the life we imagine.   Over fifteen years ago, I started a painting called Then What? Unable to answer the question, it rested patiently against the studio wall. Only after losing the love of my life this past year, I approached the canvas. The best parts of myself, optimism and curiosity, were slowly and surely giving way to a cynicism and...

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