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Those That Are Born Together, #LoveOutLoud Together

Everyday until Valentine's Day we are going to release a Love Letter–a sentiment that helps you #LoveOutLoud. LoveOutLoud is that moment that you took a risk for someone or something that you love. Maybe you flew across the ocean, listened to your gut, went against the grain, or just simply told the truth. To learn more about #LoveOutLoud, read about it here. 

Today's LoveLetter is "S" for Stay Far From Timid and Dominic + Stef D'Angelica share their #LoveOutLoud story with us. 


Dominic + Stef D'Angelica grew up in a small town of seven thousand people in Jackson, California. Their dream was to become actors and models and they wanted to do it together. You know the saying, those that are born together, dream together. So they sold everything they had and moved to New York City. Living in New York City is no picnic and so after months of sleeping on couches and borrowing money, they finally got a modeling deal. It takes a lot of courage to sell everything, to move to a new place, and to believe in yourself.

We want to hear from you. We want to hear stories of your life journey of those risks–big and small that changed your life and got you closer to someone or something that you love. We want to hear your #LoveOutLoud moment so you can inspire our community, your friends, and family to live an inspired and Far From Timid life.

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