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#LoveOutLoud: Don't Hold Back

Everyday until Valentine’s Day Far From Timid will post a LoveLetter–a mantra that inspires you to #LoveOutLoud-to take a risk for someone or something that you love. Today’s letter is D: DON’T HOLD BACK.

You want to wrap your arms around him and tell him how much you love him. But you don’t because you fear that one day soon, it’s going to get stale like the other relationships you’ve had. Soon, you will stop saying thank you and choosing each other and resign to a commitment while wishing you were somewhere else.

 A woman is walking in your direction on the sidewalk. She is so beautiful that the sun seems to be shining only on her. Every hem and shirtsleeve of her cotton tweed pantsuit is so crisp. She must be royalty you think to yourself. As she gets closer you realize she is not holding a cane, but a walking stick. She is blind. You have so many kind and naïve things you want to say to her like, “I haven’t seen so much style since I was in Madrid eight years ago. Was your sense of style taught or did you learn it on your own? How can you dress so perfectly and be blind?”

We hold back because of societal norms and our past negative experiences. Let go of whatever preconceived notions you have about life and go create your own. Magic happens when you DON’T HOLD BACK. Tell the stranger on the street they look beautiful. Wrap your arms around your love and tell them you won’t hold back. Open yourself up to the infinite magic and beauty the world has to offer today. This minute. This second.

The pattern in the letter is Pattern #23 and it’s called Going to Smash. You can find beautiful Far From Timid products with this pattern here.