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#LoveOutLoud: V is for Victorious on Valentine's Day

Todays Letter is V for Victorious

We have been posting a LoveLetter everyday since the launch of our #LoveOutLoud campaign on January 18th. A LoveLetter is a mantra to help you LoveOutLoud and build a life filled with purpose and a life you love. This weekend is Valentine’s day and I wanted to choose a letter that began with V.


 “Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more. “

-Charles L’Amour.


I want Far From Timid to be on the cover of Fast Company. Right now. I’d like my significant other to next level this relationship on Valentine’s Day and take me upscale indoor skating rink with a live DJ who plays hip hop and reggae music and dedicate the song Cherry Oh Baby to me. I want to wake up some mornings with a fan club of people on both sides of my bed, cheering and holding up signs with my name on it as I go to wash up in the morning.

Walking in the realm of big ego isn’t always a bad thing as long as you also walk at the same time in the realm of gratitude. I want things, but I am not entitled to them. And if I don’t get the magazine cover or the skating rink now, I won’t feel defeated because little victories today can make for huge victories tomorrow.

If I am courageous and generous everyday with my partner, my company, my friends and family, I will collect little victories everyday. And if I persevere, the victory may not look like what I imagined, but perhaps, more than I imagined.

Collect a little victory today and have a beautiful Valentine's Day with yourself or with your loved ones. 

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