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#LoveOutLoud: Come Correct + Scarface

  Today’s letter is C and it stands for COME CORRECT–take off your sunglasses and put your hat on straight. Come correct is a slang term and its’ origins began in the world of dating on how to properly approach or woo a woman. See this scene is Scarface when a man isn’t coming correct. It’ not just about showing respect to a woman, but showing respect to every situation in your life. The only way to do that is to fully be present, understand your role and own up. At work, no matter your role, whether you are leading or a part of a team, you need to come to the day with the understanding of your role and...

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Those That Are Born Together, #LoveOutLoud Together

Everyday until Valentine's Day we are going to release a Love Letter–a sentiment that helps you #LoveOutLoud. LoveOutLoud is that moment that you took a risk for someone or something that you love. Maybe you flew across the ocean, listened to your gut, went against the grain, or just simply told the truth. To learn more about #LoveOutLoud, read about it here.  Today's LoveLetter is "S" for Stay Far From Timid and Dominic + Stef D'Angelica share their #LoveOutLoud story with us.    Dominic + Stef D'Angelica grew up in a small town of seven thousand people in Jackson, California. Their dream was to become actors and models and they wanted to do it together. You know the saying, those...

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#LoveOutLoud Moment: Martin Luther King Jr's Letter From Birmingham Jail

Every year on MLK day I read his Letter From Birmingham Jail. This letter was written on the margins of newspaper–the only paper Martin Luther King Jr had access to while in jail for civil disobedience. A #LoveOutLoud moment is that moment that you risked it all for someone or something that you love.  MLK's life was made entirely of those moments, but this letter did what nothing else has done since, defined HUMAN RIGHTS. This letter has become so anthemic because of it's urgency. At stake wasn't just the humanity of black lives, but the definition of who we would become as a culture was hanging in the balance. When we want our lives to change or to make the world...

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WHAT IS #LoveOutLoud?

Far From Timid has partnered with Universal Music Group/After Eden Records’ artist Matthew Schuler for #LoveOutLoud–a campaign leading up to Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016. #LoveOutLoud moments are those moments you risked it all for someone or something. It is a conversation about passion, creating positive shifts in your life and what it takes to live your life fearlessly. What if you could create positive actions everyday that could get you closer to what or who you love? The campaign kicks off with a musical performance from Matthew Schuler on The Highline–including his new single Invincible–and clothing created by Far From Timid. Here is the performance which shot and edited by Zoomari Films. This event will capture audience #LoveOutLoud stories and unveil Love Letters–a...

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