By N Lightenment

The Web 3.0 Brand New Brand Book

People buy from people they trust. Building a legendary brand that people love and trust, one that feels human and understood by every employee, partner, as well as the media can’t happen with a typical 100-page brand book.

At Far From Timid, we believe an effective brand indoctrination must do more than share how the brand looks and feels. It addresses all 5 senses with what it stands for and how customers and employees experience the brand with real, not hypothetical, examples. The brand book is a living breathing canon, not a definitive end point to brand building.

What does your brand book look like? Do you have one that’s digital, practical, and dynamic? Let’s get started.

Brand & Performance Alignment For The 360 User
Connect your brand assets across the customer journey with content strategy, 360 brand themes, and a unified editorial calendar.

Audience Definition For Higher Conversion
The soccer mom, the alpha male, and the nerd. The stereotypes and archetypes we are accustomed to are no longer relevant. Find out what we think customers look like now.

Brand Merch Design, Ecommerce, and Fulfillment
Our skilled designers will create and execute a bespoke collection with products–in every category from sports to fashion and tech– from our trusted sustainable manufacturers.

The Pod Hotel: A hotel rebrands for a new generation of adventure seekers
IBM Redefined
Marriott’s LoveTravels Diversity Umbrella Storyline

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