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Brand Film for Streaming Platforms

In the same way that every brand and agency has a strategy for social media and influencers, every brand and agency needs an entertainment  strategy for commercial-free streaming platforms.

Far From Timid has partnered with Saville Productions to help our clients reach consumers at film festivals, in theaters, and on commercial-free services like Netflix.

We are living in the golden age of documentaries. Audiences are tuning in to docs with greater interest than ever, driving up ticket sales and viewing numbers on major streaming platforms. Today:

  • Documentaries influence public opinion and international policy
  • Documentaries create cultural moments & global conversations
  • 73% of Netflix subscribers (182M) tune in to docs
  • Nearly 20% of the Cannes film market is now devoted to docs At the same time, more and more global brands are finding success with brand-sponsored documentaries:
  • Unilever has Unilever Entertainment
  • Other brands breaking into the documentary space include KitchenAid, Verizon, J&J, Walgreens and many others 
 Benefits of Sponsored Docs
  • No media buy or talent costs: Feature documentaries follow the independent film distribution model
  • Recoup costs: Sponsors can sell feature docs and recoup production costs.
  • Widely distributed: There is a global market for feature-length documentaries.
  • Widespread reach: Docs create great pr and sponsors can build on the impact of a documentary with their own pr campaign.
  • Succeed at film & advertising festivals: Our film "lo and behold” premiered at Sundance and won the Grand Clio. Our film “5b” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won the entertainment lions grand prix and grand Clio Health Award.
  • Measurable results: As a direct result of “Lo and Behold,” NetScout’s media impressions increased by 10X. The film also inspired the largest number of new-business inquiries in NetScout’s 30-year history.

Interested in a brand film to change the conversation? Book a 30 minute brand therapy session

5B film for Johnson & Johnson was directed by Academy Award nominee Dan Krauss for Johnson & Johnson. You can watch the trailer and case study for 5B here.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World was directed by Werner Herzog for the tech brand NetScout. You can watch the trailer and case study for Lo and Behold here.

From One Second to the Next was directed by Werner Herzog for AT&T and the It Can Wait Campaign. Watch the film

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