By Alona Elkayam

Content Strategy

What kind of content and creative will create both high, short-term performance and long-term brand loyalty? And on what platforms (social, web, video, email)? Developing creative and content that converts begin with a content strategy that unifies marketing activity across the organization and demonstrates a clear understanding of your audience.

Far From Timid plans and executes the right mix of awareness, consideration, and conversion assets for the right platforms, and connects them to create hyperpersonalized and hyperseamless brand experiences. What do we mean? Think of the audience/brand relationship in the same way humans develop romantic relationships.

The Meet (Awareness) 
If you see a beautiful stranger at a party and ask them to marry you, they’ll run away. Of course. Developing relationships without pressure takes time, effort, and an awareness of who your partner is and what they care about. Awareness assets are the high-value assets that pique customers’ interest by connecting to things they care about without the hard sell.

Dating (Consideration)
During the dating phase, we listen and share in hopes of building a connection. Your consideration assets do the same, addressing what audiences care about, while lightly introducing how your product/service can help them.

Engaged! (Conversion)
Later in the relationship, when you know and feel there is trust and transparency, a formal commitment is made. This is similar to a brand/audience relationship where conversion assets that directly address brand solution to customer need build trust culminating with a purchase.

Whether you need a social media campaign, an NFT collection, or a brand video, Far From Timid will help you develop best-in-class multiformat creative and content with a content strategy enabled with a feedback loop between data and creative that works hard to build communities and convert.  

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Brand Films For Streaming Platforms
In the same way that every brand and agency has a strategy for social media and influencers, every brand and agency needs an entertainment strategy for commercial-free streaming platforms.

Enter The Metaverse/NFT Collections
We’re helping brands move into the metaverse with unique NFT collections and experiences for good that are more than gimmicks.

Brand & Performance Alignment For The 360 User
Connect your brand assets across the customer journey with content strategy, 360 brand themes, and a unified editorial calendar.

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