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Omnichannel Customer Journey Design

Only 30% of companies are implementing the omnichannel experiences that Web 3 requires, choosing to focus their marketing dollars on advertising, sending customers blindly to homepages versus well designed customer journeys, despite that 65% of buyers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising. 1

Now, the metaverse is here, and companies need to catch up. Hundreds or even thousands of your assets (social, video, blogs, paid/display, web pages) live across the digital ecosystem, but how you imagine your customer is experiencing your brand and how they actually experience it is another story. Maybe you created a cool video ad campaign, but the experience that comes after clicking on the link in the end card is an afterthought, and your customers dead-end while you leave money on the table.

The focus on creating a single moment versus a dynamic customer journey naturally persists because “brands are still struggling with delivering a multichannel experience. Silos persist, with knowledge not effectively shared between channels, undermining the experience and damaging trust.2

Developing your marketing in a truly customer-centric way means creating unified brand and performance customer experiences that amplify a single voice of the brand, and a frictionless 360 digital experience for every 360 user persona. This means working across silos, to create a seamless and frictionless customer journey for all of your FY22 tentpole initiatives, product/service launches, and promotions.

Companies that put the customer at the heart of the organization enjoy 1.6x higher brand awareness, 1.5x higher employee satisfaction, and 1.9x higher average order value.3 

Integrating your long-tail brand awareness and short-term performance marketing within customer journeys will build brand trust, increase conversions and community, and create space and time for last-minute pivots and optimization. This is the only way  a brand can thrive in the 21st century.

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Brand Pivot Strategy & Design For Faster Speed to Market
We develop sweet spot positioning with the content ecosystem in mind.

In-house Omnichannel Brand Sync
Creating a seamless 360 in-house marketing model grounded in agile methodology, will reduce the internal inefficiencies that affect customer loyalty and employee retention.

Omnichannel Data Sync
Our unified data dashboard tracks every asset across the customer journey (including app downloads) allowing for a single view of the customer–a single source of truth–that the Web 3 digital transformation imperative requires.

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