By Alona Elkayam


Everyone in your marketing organization must understand the bigger picture, be empowered to make decisions, be creative, executing, while also personally growing. Hierarchies are by networks. 1 

What does this look like? Brands must ensure that their cross-channel platforms, data, processes, and people are connected and operating in flow. Far From Timid can help you develop customer journeys and execute the digital platforms intrinsic to your offering.

We have an award-winning team of information architects, user interface designers, 2D and 3D designers and developers, SEO and digital strategists ready to design, develop, and execute your Web 2 or Web 3 platforms. Far From Timid can help you architect the future of customer experience with an evolution-ready enterprise including  content strategy, digital strategy, and owned data vs 3rd party data at the center.  All of this is supported by an internal workflow, with a feedback loop between creative and data optimization. This way, customers get the experiences they expect and deserve.

Whether you need an ecommerce site, a Web3 experience, or an editorial/blog brand extension, we’ve developed them all. From global websites to content management systems, ecommerce platforms, and their experiences, our clients in the space include Marriott, IBM, and Reed Elsevier.

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Editorial Site Strategy & Design
Developing thought leadership and content marketing is an essential part of the customer journey. Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got nearly 3.5X more traffic and 4.5X more leads than companies that published between 0-4 monthly posts.1  Far From Timid can help you develop the brand narratives that will inform your editorial strategy, taxonomy, customer journeys, and multiformat content plan to populate the site we design and build.

Ecommerce/Website Design & Optimization
Your website or ecommerce platform is your brand. It’s a community space, and an experience reflecting what you stand for, driven by products/services packaged to meet the needs of your hero, the customer.  From 3D and spin photography for ecommerce production to creative imagery, we have a talent network around the world to support your brand.

IBM revives it’s 1935 magazine THINK as a global content platform
Marriott moves from hotel company to travel company


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