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Enter The Metaverse: NFT's & 3D Blockchain Experiences

Far From Timid can help you take your maiden voyage into the metaverse. 
Enter The Metaverse: NFT's & 3D Blockchain Experiences

by N Lightenment

Our experienced developers and designers at Far From Timid have over 13 years of crypto and NFT expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency development, NFT design and development, and designing 3D narrative brand experiences.

The same approach to creating 2D brand experiences must be taken when designing for the metaverse–3D experiences that aren’t giant advertisements for the brand or the technology, but rather experiences that inspire audiences to be a part of the community in exchange for exclusive features, and access. Far From Timid can help you take your maiden voyage into the metaverse. 

🤿  Deeper Dive 🤿

What is the metaverse and how do you get started? It's the internet as we know it, in 3D. An online destination experienced in 3D, weaved with a strong narrative and features like rewards or verchandise–think DisneyLand with all the rides, prizes, and the Mickey Mouse Club. The beauty of the metaverse is in the ability to create 3D destinations that connect audiences to brands through meaningful, not commercial, experiences. Read more about the metaverse.


Brands like Gucci and SKII entered the metaverse with different degrees of success.  Gucci entrance in the metaverse with Gucci Garden on gaming platform Roblox was a commercial failure. Why? Roblox is primarily a gaming platform for GenZ, aged 13-25. Gucci as a luxury brand is not made for that audience, no matter how young a demographic they’d like to attract.  And so, Gucci Garden was an overt, commerce-driven experience selling Gucci product  that the audience could not afford. Flamingo, a popular Roblox influencer on Youtube, shared his thoughts about Gucci’s experience here.

SK-II, a Japanese cosmetics brand owned by Procter & Gamble, also entered the metaverse. By contrast, their offering was well-received, offering an incredible experience called Destiny Street in service of women-owned businesses in Tokyo. “Bravo!”, we say. 

Let Far From Timid help you enter the metaverse with experiences that connect and convert.

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NFT Design & Production
We can take your NFT projects from production to deployment. NFTs have a wide range of uses, and can utilize anything from generative artwork, to in-game characters, to a specific utility.           

Blockchain Development
Whether it is for Solidity, Substrate, Rust, Haskell, De-fi, Web 3.0, Dapps, or Daos, we are ready to discuss your blockchain needs!

Smart Contract Audits
Let us do your audits! We can provide a certificate for your smart contracts before they are deployed.

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Read about our new NFT collection for Roaring Earth

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