Brand Today, Gone Tomorrow: Building a Legendary Brand

By Alona Elkayam

Brand Today, Gone Tomorrow: Building a Legendary Brand

“We are not building Coca-Cola alone for today. We are building Coca-Cola forever, and it is our hope that Coca-Cola will remain the National drink to the end of time."

- Harold Hirsch, the lead attorney for The Coca-Cola Company  

You are not building your brand only for today, but forever. Audiences can feel the difference. They want experiences they can build on.

Coca-Cola became what it is today because its founders had a vision early on to build a LEGENDARY brand. Harold Hirsch reminded the then board of the Coca-Cola company that it was important to protect the brand and create a distinct bottle that they could be known for.

When I spoke to Geoff Cottrill last year on our Work From Heart live series, we talked about how brands change campaigns after just one season and most of the time for no reason–not because the campaign didn't perform, but because the brand tired from the campaign, not the audience.

The brand equity that you build and promote, should be something that you continue to nurture season after season. This is the Disney model and a model to be administered for Web 2 as you move into the metaverse.

Break down those silos, forego the politics, and build your brand experience for the generations to come.

Are you building your brand for today or forever? Here is our legendary brand checklist

  1. Do you plant seeds of community at every touch point?
    Audiences will always remember the time they ___________ 
    (Insert how your brand is part of your audiences life moments.)

  2. Do you focus on impact?
    You do well while doing good.

  3. Do you nurture connection and belonging at scale?
    Audiences build connections with others through your brand.

  4. Are you a brand people love and trust?
    Audiences sing your praises to their family, friends, and colleagues.

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