Work From Heart: Carlos "Patafunk" Martinez

I sat down with my friend and musician Carlos "Patafunk" Martinez to share his art with us. We met about eight years ago and I have been following his career ever since I heard him play a sensual day session at the now closed Cafe Noir in Soho. 


What are you listening to?
Paul Simon 

What’s your current dream? 
To get to the next level where my songs get more play at concerts and festivals around the world. A live audience inspires me. Playing live with the people and the sounds, is a catalyst for my band and I to discover our next sound.

How are you Far From Timid in achieving that dream?
Patafunk and Greenpoint Records are ready to release my new album ‘High Life!’ on April 2020. These days, artists can reach everybody or anybody because of the huge reach of the internet. We hope that our sound, with the help of the media and the support of our current base, can reach the ears of those people who don't know our sound, but may really connect with this body of work.

Where can we hear your music? 
My previous music and two singles off the new album are on every platform, but Spotify is my favorite. We  have a few music videos on YouTube, where you can appreciate the visual concept produced for some of our songs 

What was the most inspiring moment so far in your life/careerr?

I have traveled with my music at festivals all over the world, have had songs on Radio Rotation in Venezuela, but the most inspiring moment was in 2011, when my Dad praised my new album. You see, my dad loved me, but was always very critical earlier in my career. He's like the dad in the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums who criticizes his 11-year old daughter Margot's first play, "Just didn't seem believable." I was always so frustrated by this. 

What are you thankful for? 
A life dedicated to music around a magical circle of family, friends and 'fans.' I don’t love that last word ‘fan’ but it looks good along the other 2 f’s. 

What is the one risk you took that paid off? 
Coming to New York. I moved to Brooklyn from Venezuela in April 2010 and the ride has been incredible. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  


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