Work From Heart: Danielle Goz

I sat down with artist/singer/songwriter Danielle Goz to talk about her future as an emerging and local New York City talent.  Danielle co-produced Far From Timid's THEN WHAT exhibit on 11/14 in addition to her performance that evening.

What are you listening to? 
I’m listening to a lot of stuff, but lately I’ve been really into Finneas. He’s an incredible lyricist, artist, and producer.  It’s just inspiring to see someone whose talented in so many different directions.  I really connect with his music.  

What’s your current dream? 
My dream is to be able to live a life full of creating music and art, and to be able to share that art with the world. I just hope to have a platform one day that I can use to bring light and positivity into peoples' lives.

How are you Far From Timid in achieving that dream?
I do the best I can to block out negativity from my life and surround myself with like-minded people that understand my goals and aspirations. It can be hard to ignore negativity in this world but it’s so important to be strong and keep pushing even through the bad days.

Where can we hear your music? 
I’ll be releasing original music in 2020 but for now I have a bunch of covers on my instagram and SoundCloud! 

What are you thankful for? 
I’m thankful to have people in my life that love and believe in me. I think that’s something we take for granted. 

What is the one risk you took that paid off?
After high school I took a gap year to work on my music and during that time I learned so much about myself and went through both positive/negative experiences that enhanced who I am as an artist. 


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