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By Alona Elkayam


Behind the achievements of great masters and leaders are individuals whose unique work methods behind their craft nurtured their path to greatness. 

Working From Heart, Far From Timid's weekly live interview series, speaks to paradigm shifters in tech, design, culture, and business about their ideas that shape us and the courage to walk alone in their purpose in hopes it inspires you to find yours. If you'd like to sponsor or be a guest on our show, email us here

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Join us for our upcoming episode January 27: A Day in the Life in the Metaverse. Details to come.

Guest Experience
If you've been selected as a guest on our show, we thank you for your time. Here is what to expect:
1. One week before the show, we will conduct up a 30-minute pre-interview
2. One week before the show, we'll amplify the event via social and our newsletter. 3. Two days before the interview, you'll receive instructions on how to access enter the live series.
4. One day before the show, we'll amplify the event via social.
5. 2 hours before the live show, we'll do a quick tech check.

Featured episodes:
Episode 2: Prateek Vatash, Award-winning Digital Artist
Episode 3: Geoff Cottrill, Former CMO Vans, CMO Topgolf
Episode 5: Vanessa Rocco, author, Photofascism

Working From Heart Methodology
In January 2020, with a new agency and vision for the future, our founder, Alona Elkayam, needed a more grounded and fulfilling way of working. A methodology to support the ambitious and uncharted path she created for herself. One that could reset and reconnect to the fertile, knowing, and uncensored mind that creativity and courage requires. 

After months of research, documentation, and trial and error, Working From Heart methodology was born. Today, Working From Heart is Far From Timid's culture manifesto and will be published as a book, NFT collection, and interactive video series later this year. 


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