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#LoveOutLoud: V is for Victorious on Valentine's Day

Todays Letter is V for Victorious We have been posting a LoveLetter everyday since the launch of our #LoveOutLoud campaign on January 18th. A LoveLetter is a mantra to help you LoveOutLoud and build a life filled with purpose and a life you love. This weekend is Valentine’s day and I wanted to choose a letter that began with V.    “Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more. “ -Charles L’Amour.   I want Far From Timid to be on the cover of Fast Company. Right now. I’d like my significant other to next level this relationship on Valentine’s Day and take me upscale indoor...

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#LoveOutLoud: Embrace Crazy

Living New York City it is possible to go out every single night. There is no shortage of that amazing DJ playing Monday night at the bar with no sign, or that rooftop birthday party where you ask MIA if smoking affects her voice and she tells you she doesn’t sing, she screams. I was itching for a new lifestyle where New Years Eve at midnight would find me in a group meditation instead of drinking champagne at a themed Hot Mess party with bongos. You get the point? Good. In May 2009, I joined a running group to surround myself with people who wanted to get high on one thing, for the most part–endorphins. Like I said, it was May,...

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#LoveOutLoud: Basketball Diaries

There is no better way to see how attuned you are to that little voice inside than on the basketball court*. Hundreds of decisions are made across the brain and heart in milliseconds. Cutting down the middle, faking a left, then going right and dunking requires more than a million decisions across the cerebellum, frontal lobe and that thing above your stomach–your heart. Self-doubt plays out in real time on the court. You can’t should I? on the court. By the time you should I?, the play is over. Life works the same way. Step into life the way a ball player steps onto the court–trusting the most reliable playbook in the world–that little voice inside. Without a second thought....

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