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#LoveOutLoud: Live The Phrase Sky's The Limit

Today’s letter is L: LIVE THE PHRASE SKY’S THE LIMIT– a hook from the Biggie Smalls song, Sky’s The limit. Fashion was Lynn Rozkin’s future and it’s what brought her to New York City from Texas a few years ago. After studying at Fashion Institute of Technology and working at a few fashion houses, she realized that what she’d imagined what a career in fashion would look like and feel like–did not match reality. The conversations and experiences no longer inspired her. She was stuck. Very stuck. Instead of trying to convince herself that she needed to give it more time, Lynn got off a path she knew was very wrong for her. She left the fashion industry and now works...

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#LoveOutLoud: Nurture Your Gut Instinct

Everyday Far From Timid will post a LoveLetter–a mantra that inspires you to #LoveOutLoud-to take a risk for someone or something that you love. We’ve been loving out loud for almost 10 days and it has been amazing. Today’s letter is N and it stands for NURTURE YOUR GUT INSTINCT. Your gut instinct operates without information or experience that you are aware of, consciously. There is no decision tree or logic. Gut instinct is this knowing that takes over–beyond reason. To act on it takes courage and painful amounts of faith in yourself, but it’s our most powerful tool in protecting ourselves and the people we love from negative situations. After September 11th, 2001 I had developed panic attacks and...

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  A wee while ago we posted an infographic that included details from a study about bedroom colours and sleep. The researchers found that people whose bedrooms were blue, yellow, or green slept for longer, on average, than people whose bedrooms were purple, grey, or brown. Science is real, but we also know – from experience – that people tend to get the best night’s rest in a bedroom with a look they love. To help you out on the long road to Completely Perfect Home Design, we’ve come up with a list of bedroom colour schemes that always work. Pick a scheme you love, use it as a base, make it your own, and then, before you know it,...

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