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#LoveOutLoud: Nurture Your Gut Instinct

Everyday Far From Timid will post a LoveLetter–a mantra that inspires you to #LoveOutLoud-to take a risk for someone or something that you love. We’ve been loving out loud for almost 10 days and it has been amazing.

Today’s letter is N and it stands for NURTURE YOUR GUT INSTINCT.

Your gut instinct operates without information or experience that you are aware of, consciously. There is no decision tree or logic. Gut instinct is this knowing that takes over–beyond reason.

To act on it takes courage and painful amounts of faith in yourself, but it’s our most powerful tool in protecting ourselves and the people we love from negative situations.

After September 11th, 2001 I had developed panic attacks and was told that I would just live with them for the rest of my life. I had a coworker at an ad agency that had them for fifteen years and he was on all kinds of medication. I don’t know why, but I decided that I needed to move to Paris and paint the anxiety out of my system. I did not (and still do not) believe in traditional western panaceas for anxiety and the thought of living with something I could not control was not something I was willing to succumb. Why Paris? I don’t know. It was beyond reason. Why would painting work? I don’t know. It was beyond reason.

I went to Paris for almost a year and have never experienced a panic attack since. So fitting that I would find an apartment in the 17th Arrondisement on Rue de la Felicité (Happy Street), where I would sit at my desk for almost 13 hours a day and paint.

There is enough risk involved with listening to your gut instinct to make you not believe or act, but if you don’t practice listening to it, you won’t experience the protection and the gifts that it brings.

Hope you have a #LoveOutLoud day tomorrow and take a chance on yourself and have faith in your all-knowing gut instinct.

If you have any great stories about listening to your gut instinct share them with us here and we will post them on our blog and share them with our Far From Timid community.