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About The Big Yellow

The Big Yellow is a light space for brilliant minds like you. It's a place where
accomplished creatives and marketers across all formats, industries, and distribution platforms will unite to transform–in real time–how we work and serve brands. We are living in a moment for all time and have an opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

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We had our first meeting last week. This week we will vote on our core platform–the issues we deeply want to transform. Here are just a few of the things we discussed.

  • Brand etiquette during and post pandemic
  • Move C Level mindset from campaigns to programming
  • Breakdown silos to create an ongoing and structured feedback loop between brand and performance marketing and improve end user brand experience. This feedback loop will streamline and unify brand experience, reduce execution time, improve personalization.
  • Standardize branded content nomenclature. 

Join us on April 17 for our first public all hands. We'll share our platform, and iterate with you. Forward to five people that you admire and respect in our industry who you think might be interested.

Let's be the change we seek in our industry.



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