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#LoveOutLoud: Embrace Crazy

Living New York City it is possible to go out every single night. There is no shortage of that amazing DJ playing Monday night at the bar with no sign, or that rooftop birthday party where you ask MIA if smoking affects her voice and she tells you she doesn’t sing, she screams.

I was itching for a new lifestyle where New Years Eve at midnight would find me in a group meditation instead of drinking champagne at a themed Hot Mess party with bongos. You get the point? Good.

In May 2009, I joined a running group to surround myself with people who wanted to get high on one thing, for the most part–endorphins. Like I said, it was May, so most people in the group were beginning their marathon training. I wasn’t thinking marathon, just enjoying the weekly Saturday or Sunday runs the group leader would put together for us. They were beautiful routes and I got to see parts of New York I never saw. Streets in Astoria or Harlem. I was learning a new language: Personal Best, Lactic Acid, Shot Bloks, and Garmin. 

It happened as we finished our run on Park Avenue in July during Summer Streets where there were no cars–only runners, skaters, and bikers. I just finished a twenty-mile run. I kept saying it over and over again to myself quietly, “I just finished a twenty mile run.” Then I had to tell strangers around me, “Hey, I just finished a twenty mile run.” I was out of my head. My body and my mind took me all that distance and I could not believe it. It was so primal. I felt like so human, so super human. Like Wonder Woman. I was Wonder Woman. And it was that moment that I decided I was running the 2009 New York City Marathon–in a Wonder Woman outfit. Philippe Petit walked between the Twin Towers on a wire. Picasso painted Guernica. I ran the marathon in a Wonder Woman outfit. Those urgent moments to do something extraordinary and a little bit crazy happen not only to create an unforgettable life, but to mark time and remember how you lived.

 Everyday until Valentine’s Day Far From Timid will post a LoveLetter–a mantra that inspires you to #LoveOutLoud-to take a risk for someone or something that you love. Today’s letter was E: Embrace Crazy. Embrace your kind of crazy and create your unforgettable life.  

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