woman and man sitting on far from timid designed bed in a far from timid designed bed with a third guy passed out

Far From Timid creates limited-edition home and fashion products from one-of-a-kind trademarked patterns you won’t find anywhere else. We have new products available every two weeks.

About The Collection
The collection is designed by founder Alona Elkayam and is inspired by hip-hop and mid-century modern. Think Charles Eames meets Biggie Smalls. We call this Street Modern.

Hip-hop culture is one of the most vibrant cultures ever created. The sounds, the colors, and the activism inspired communities around the world. Hip-hop created samples and sounds from the street and the heart, turning them into beats lead by powerful words.

Modernism in the 1960’s was a movement that artists, architects, and designers rewrote, revised, parodied and rejected the world around them. They were tired of the way things existed and felt everything had been done already and they wanted to create a new reality.

Far From Timid ties the intentions of both of these worlds–the words and rhythms of hip-hop and the art and geometry from modernism.

Our Name
The company name, Far From Timid, was inspired by lyrics in Biggie Small’s song, “Sky’s The Limit.”

Stay Far From Timid
Only Make Moves When Your Heart’s In It
And Live The Phrase
Sky’s The Limit”

Our Values
In the spirit of Hip-hop and Mid-century movements– both rejecting status quo– we have a few things we stand for everyday:

  1. Build your dream, not someone else’s
  2. Live your own style
  3. Stand for what you believe in
  4. Say how you feel
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Live to give

Our Community
The Far From Timid community is a space to build the legend of you. We exist to give you a platform to build the story of you through:

  1. Our bold home and fashion accessories
  2. Helping to share your legendary story with the world in our magazine
  3. VIP sneak peek access to not yet released products and collections
  4. Work From Heart mentor and training program
  5. Grants and funding for artists who need support
  6. Help connect our community influencers to other brands
  7. Connect our community to each other
  8. VIP access to our music, art, and culture events
  9. VIP access to our metaverse 

Our Commitment To Sustainability
Far From Timid’s products are made on-demand. That means all of our products are custom made and created only after the order has been placed. It is then fulfilled and shipped by our manufacturers. This makes Far From Timid a 100% sustainable company as we have no fulfillment or warehouse costs. We don’t’ have to pre-order inventory. We can see what products you are buying or not buying and give you more of what you want.


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