Glorious Baby Leggings - Neural Traffic Stop - Blue - Far From Timid
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Glorious Baby Leggings - Neural Traffic Stop - Blue

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Our supple and soft 100% handmade polyspandex legging fabrics allow your baby freedom of movement while fitting well.  Our leggings leave ample area for diapers and won't squeeze too tightly at the waist.  The vivid prints can be washed over and over with no fading to the print and no shrinking of the fabric.

Our baby legging fabric is quickdry, easy to care for, and has natural antibacterial properties. These Far From Timid leggings are made in Canada and come in one of a kind limited edition patterns.

Product Description: 
• 100% Handmade
•  Polyspandex
• Quick-dry fabric
• Natural antibacterial properties
• Shrinkage: none
• Pattern placement may vary slightly 


    •  6 Months: Inseam = 9 inches
    •  1 Year: Inseam = 10 inches
    •  2 Years: Inseam = 12 inches
    • 3 Years: Inseam = 14 inches


    • Order will arrive 7-10 business days from order date
    • Ships in USA and Canada only

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