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We Are Far From Timid

Far From Timid is the world’s first urban luxury, made in USA + Canada lifestyle brand that creates limited edition home and fashion products from unique trademarked patterns designed by Alona Elkayam you won’t find anywhere else. Five percent of all Far From Timid profits are committed to a fund that invests in emerging artists and ideas that are Far From Timid.

We don't have inventory or warehousing because the products are made when you order them. We design unique and bespoke products everyday of the year and we have partnered with ethical manufacturers in the US + Canada.

The collection, designed by Alona Elkayam, is inspired by two progressive (and hyphenated) movements, hip-hop and mid-century modern. Think Charles Eames meets Biggie Smalls. Hip-hop culture is one of the most vibrant cultures ever created. The sounds, the colors, and the activism inspired communities around the world. Hip-hop created samples and sounds from the street and the heart, turning them into beats lead by powerful words.

Modernism in the 1960’s was a movement that artists, architects, and designers rewrote, revised, parodied and rejected the world around them. They were tired of the way things existed and felt everything had been done already and they wanted to create a new reality.

Far From Timid ties the intentions of both of these worlds–the words and rhythms of hip-hop and the art and geometry from modernism to create Street Modern.

All patterns have been created using original works of art created by Alona Elkayam. We guarantee that you will not find these patterns anywhere else except on Far From Timid products. The patterns are made from selections of a small area in original works of art. We then create the pattern from that small selection by vectorizing and then colorizing. See more here.

Far From Timid comes from a hook in Biggie Small's song Sky's The Limit.

Stay Far From Timid
Only Makes Moves
When Your Heart's In It
And Live The Phrase
Sky's The Limit