Fall Hard in Love With Work and Life, Again

When I started Far From Timid in January 2020, my ambition was raw and focus strong after embarking on a personal journey to rediscover my voice that began with the simple question, “What do I want?” (My life coach at the time, Robin Athey, gifted me the practice of asking that question on a daily basis).

I wanted the path to inspiration to be genuine. I wanted to build a legacy I could share with the world. I wanted a loving partner. I wanted to feel free.

To get there, I came up with the idea to tap into to all the best moments in my life when I felt these things: When was I the best partner, leader, friend, daughter, and sister? Most of all, when was I the most loving self? And what were the elements that drove these “best” moments?

What all these moments had in common was a person who deeply believed in herself in spite of herself. She wasn’t perfect, but she was real. She is me.

Lucky for me, I found my spark. It was a hook in a Notorious B.I.G song, Sky’s The Limit.

notorious big behind stay far from timid quote

This spark turned into a flame and Far From Timid was born.

To build Far From Timid, I began with culture. Setting the foundation for how and why we come to work every day was a priority over brand and marketing. I turned the process I used for finding my spark into our work culture and called it Work From Heart.

Work From Heart would inspire not only our work culture at Far From Timid, but every area of my life. Dance From Heart. Hoop From Heart. I hate shopping so, Shop From Heart. 

Over time, Work From Heart would help bring to the surface my larger purpose because even if you strive for all the things you want, a life you love isn’t just about you, it’s about what you do best and offer to the world.

For me, that’s joy.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. May you connect to your spark and fall in love with work and life today, and every day.

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