This is the moment I have been preparing for all of my life. To do what we've done for our clients and build a global Far From Timid impact brand and community–Far From Timid Creative House

At Far From Timid we believe every person and brand has a legend within–an extraordinary life full of magic and experiences. Far From Timid exists to awaken it.

Chapter 1: Answering The Call for Adventure
The concept of legends inspired me because it comes with a hero's journey: Facing a challenge, conquering it, and returning transformed. It was a framework needed for my clients and in building the Far From Timid brand during this age of transformation, but also for myself. While building Far From Timid Creative House, I was on a personal journey to rediscover my voice after a tragic loss. The same framework used to make heroes out of brands and celebrities, I used on myself because I needed to be my own hero, and from this came...Far From Timid Creative House.

The framework in this personal message to you is done in this Legendmakers® journey format and can be used as a basis to manifest–whether it be a creative or business idea or a personal calling. 

Chapter 2: Seek Guidance
I started Far From Timid in Jan 2020 and had the retail infrastructure and collection since 2015 without clarity of how to connect the dots. As the creator economy and the possibilities of the metaverse became more understood, I set out to form an Advisory Board established in March 2022 to help keep me accountable and to guide me in building a brand that I could make sense of to the outside world. I’m grateful because they encourage me to keep opening the aperture. As they say, “Let Alona Be Alona.”

Chapter 3: Slay Dragons
The dream was to combine the things I love with the things I'm really good at with the needs of the marketplace. This became the basis of the Far From Timid Creative House ecosystem: An agency; lifestyle collection of home, travel, and fashion accessories; and community. 

This past year I was fortunate to have traveled the world at events like Cannes and Art Basel and to Israel in search of business partnerships. This opened my mind to what's possible because I spoke to people. All kinds of people. We spoke without agenda, as humans with genuine curiosity and sowed the seeds to what is now our Legendmakers® community.

Connecting the dots could not have been possible until now as we move from social media to community and retail media in a creator economy.
Chapter 4: Get Yours
By summer of 2022, after hundreds of pages of strategy, brand architecture documents, go to market decks, market planning and three different iterations of a visual design, the Far From Timid offerings and brand were finalized.

FFT Agency builds brand legends with meaningful and sustainable web 2/3 brand strategy, expression, and experiences.

FFT Shop has limited edition collections of bold designs you won’t find anywhere else that will awaken the legend within. (Holiday shoppers can use the promo code LEGENDARY for a 10% discount). We also white label one-of-a-kind collections for brands and creators. 

FFT Community (Legendmakers®) is where people and brands find like-minded people and companies who want to leave a mark on the world. We have weekly legendary events and experiences and FFT magazine. 

Chapter 5: A New Normal
The key to momentum is always being ready for something big. You won’t always know where you're going right away, but if you believe in your idea and are prepared mentally and physically, the next rung on the ladder comes. It always does.

Expanding my vision came with a new way of working: Work From Heart. It is a daily practice here at Far From Timid and I'm grateful it came to me when it did.

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Chapter 6: Return Transformed
Thank you for letting me share this with you. I’d love to connect with each and every one of you in a meaningful way this year–whether it be sharing a meal, an experience, working together with our agency, or through our retail collection.

Wishing all of you a holiday season filled with kindness, truth, generosity of spirit, and the kind of magic that inspires legends. It's your time.

Out of the comfort zone,
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