woman and man sitting on far from timid designed bed in a far from timid designed bed with a third guy passed out

Far From Timid creates limited-edition home, fashion, and accessory products from one-of-a-kind trademarked patterns you won’t find anywhere else. 

About The Collection
The collection is inspired by hip-hop, midcentury modern, and punk. Think Biggie Smalls and Vivienne Westwood collaborating with Charles and Ray Eames. We call this Street Modern.

The one-of-a-kind patterns, Far From Timid's trademark, were designed by founder Alona Elkayam. The company name, Far From Timid, was inspired by lyrics in Biggie Small’s song, 'Sky’s The Limit.'

Far From Timid ties the irreverent geometry of mid-century, the vibrancy of hip-hop, and the punk ethos to be exactly who you are. 


Far From Timid’s products are made on-demand. That means our products are custom made and created only after the order has been placed. It is then fulfilled and shipped by our manufacturers. This makes Far From Timid a 100% sustainable company as we have no fulfillment or warehouse costs. We don’t have to pre-order inventory. We can see what products you are buying or not buying and give you more of what you want.

Eighty percent of the materials in our collection are sourced from eco-manufacturers in the US, Canada, and Europe. The eco products are labelled, so you will know.

Our Community
We are a creative house. A place where people and brands can awaken their legend within. We have products, services, content, and community that will crystallize and bring them to life. Learn more about our community here.

Thank you for visiting. Please share feedback with us at:
customerlove (at) farfromtimid (dot) com. 

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