#LoveOutLoud Press Release

Far From Timid has partnered with Universal Music Group/After Eden Records’ artist Matthew Schuler for #LoveOutLoud–a campaign leading up to Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016.

#LoveOutLoud moments are those moments you risked it all for someone or something. It is a conversation about passion, creating positive shifts in your life and what it takes to live your life fearlessly. What if you could create positive actions everyday that could get you closer to what or who you love?

The campaign kicks off with a musical performance from Matthew Schuler on The Highline–including his new single Invincible–and clothing created by Far From Timid. This event will capture audience #LoveOutLoud stories and unveil Love Letters–a digital and analog deck of letters–A to Z– that express what it takes to #LoveOutLoud. For example, the “L” card reads “Live The Phrase Sky’s The Limit” or an “M” card reads “Make The First Move. These cards, Matthew’s music and his own #LoveOutLoud story coupled with audience stories will inspire people to share a letter or story of their own.


“The only way to change the world is to change yourself and live your life in a way that truly makes you happy so you can give that to the people around you. That’s why I started Far From Timid,” said Far From Timid founder Alona Elkayam–an award-winning brand builder, creative director and writer for The Huffington Post.

 Far From Timid's vision is to create culture of purpose and to invest in artists around the world creating things that have positive impact on their community with their Seed Fund. "Partnering with After Eden and Matthew Schuler was a no brainer. To quote Maroon 5's Adam Levine on Matthew's singing 'to see you and the passion with the way you sing-dude-that's the best part.'"

About Far From Timid

Far From Timid is the world’s first on-demand lifestyle brand that creates limited edition home and fashion products from unique trademarked patterns designed by Alona Elkayam you won’t find anywhere else. Five percent of all Far From Timid profits are committed to a fund that invests in emerging artists and ideas that are Far From Timid.

The collection, designed by Alona Elkayam, is inspired by two progressive (and hyphenated) movements, hip-hop and mid-century modern. Think Charles Eames meets Biggie Smalls. We call this Street Modern.


About Matthew Schuler

Matthew Schuler is one of the most passionate and joyful voices in the world today. His rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah hit number one on the iTunes Charts and #40 on the Billboard Charts. During his blind audition for the Emmy winning NBC series The Voice, Matthew broke the record for the fastest 4-chair turn in history.

His time on The Voice was hailed by performances of iconic songs from Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine and Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, One Direction’s Story of my Life and most notably his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah which hit number one on the iTunes Charts and #40 on the Billboard Charts. Matthew is currently signed to After Eden Records. His most recent single, Invincible, is available now on iTunes.


About After Eden Records

After Eden Records is a full service multi-genre independent label distributed By Universal Music Group (UMG) located in Los Angeles, California. We are an international brand, committed to finding and signing the very best in transforming and uplifting artist and content. We give every artist personal attention and expanded opportunities through radio, touring as well as our After Eden Pictures Film & Television division to our embedded elite Music production team Tranzformaz Music Group. After Eden Records pioneers a new frontier by producing transforming Music content that will uplift culture.







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