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Successful social strategies embody the soul of the brand with well-rounded KPIs supporting community and commerce. Do you have an agency that knows how to develop and execute an integrated brand and performance-driven social media strategy?

Social media is the engine that drives marketing and sales, brand and performance. It is a hungry machine that requires constant feeding and typically the first introduction to the brand for customers after search-to-web.

With a vast influencer network from music, art, tech, and lifestyle, Far From Timid is a social-first omnichannel agency with brand designers, brand forward content strategists, and social media experts by platform who develop social strategy with cross-channel alignment.

Let us help you create a long-term social media strategy with short-term wins.
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Community Management
Far From Timid’s social teams eat, sleep, and drink social, and will develop campaigns and evergreen content for your social channels to amplify your brand consistently.

Influencer Marketing
Our experience in leveling up content and campaigns with vetted, relevant influencers can help you amplify your campaigns and content. Our influencer partnerships created for clients are symbiotic and electric. 

Social Listening
Through our UNLTD® dashboard, we can connect to over 40 social platforms, web, and news media to track share of voice, sentiment, uncover new audiences,  campaigns, competitors, monitor topics/keywords, and more.

Paid Social
Expect transparent media buying from a team of digital and traditional media planners that understand customer journey and guarantee brand safety.

See how we helped Doctors Without rewrite food aid policy using social listening
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