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It’s a bear, it’s a wall decal, it’s a Far From Timid Wall Hug and they bring superhuman style to any room–for kids or the kid in you. Made in the USA, our quality self-adhesive decals are sourced from one-of-a-kind patterns you won’t find anywhere else.

These Far From Timid Wall Hugs are custom-made for you, on-demand, and only 1000 of each will be sold worldwide. Collect them all.

Product Description

• Print To Order
 • Self-Adhesive
 • 100% removable, reusable and repositionable
 • 24 inches x 18 inches comes on a single 32'' x 32'' sheet


• Please allow 7-10 business days from order date for this item to ship
 • $5 Flat shipping
 • For all wall hugs, the customer is responsible for return shipping for manufacturer defects only
 • In the event of a defect the customer must return item at his/her own expense for a full refund

Return Policy

• These wall hugs are made to order and is final sale unless there is a manufacturers defect
• If there is a defect, please take a photo and contact us within 10 days of receiving the wall hug

Installation Instructions

Note: Due to the wide variability of interior walls, sealants,s and paints it is the users’ responsibility to determine the product's suitability for the intended wall. These products are designed for smooth wall applications and work best on gloss or semi-gloss enamel.

  1. Before installing unroll and lay flat. Allow the material to relax at room temperature for at least 90 minutes.
  2. Do not allow the adhesive to touch any other areas of the product as this may result in damage to your wall decal.
  3. Do not install your decals onto cold or damp surfaces, or anywhere near heaters, fires, or central heating radiators.
  4. If the wall has been freshly painted, allow it to fully cure for at least one week prior to installing. Consult with the paint manufacturer for proper cure times.
  5. Far From Timid recommends a test strip be included in the graphic for the end user to test on their walls. For best results ensure the wall has a flat, smooth, even, dry surface. Avoid textured surfaces including textured paints, wallpapers, stucco, etc.
  6. Make sure your decal will fit in the area. Measure your wall and your decal.
  7. Use a clean alcohol-saturated cloth to remove any dust from your wall surface. You may need a damp cloth or cleaners to remove excessive dirt and dust followed by the alcohol wipe. If so, allow an additional 24 hours to dry as many surfaces absorb moisture like a sponge!
  8. Spread out your decal on a flat surface, face down and peel the backing off from the top down until the entire backing is off. Very lightly place the onto the prepared wall surface. Position it until it’s where you want.
  9. Once it’s in place, smooth out any air pockets or wrinkles using the palms of your hand and working from the center out. Finish, by smoothing down all the outer edges.
  10. We recommend the wall hug be repositioned at least every 6 months due to a paint fading issue. Where the graphic is on the wall the paint is protected and it will not fade whereas the area not protected will fade.
  11. For best results, remove slowly.