It's been a minute since I sent our last newsletter and have much good news to share–from our new Legendmakers™ live show to our new brand experience work and lifestyle collection. Moving forward, I want to connect in meaningful ways as friends, business partners, and joy-seekers. My goal is to build a true Far From Timid community for innovators, visionaries, and creators like you–sharing events, insights, and new products and services.

I opened Far From Timid in January 2020 as an agency and emerge today as a brand ecosystem–a brand and social commerce consultancy, lifestyle collection, magazine, and community. Our business ecosystem is a model for how brands can create lifetime connections with their audiences by creating diversified revenue streams, authentic to your business.

Our consultancy continues to help brands transform with with people-centric brand experiences that go beyond the funnel with our methodology, Journey To Legendary–a hero’s journey for brands in the new landscape of world-building.

We just launched a playful new limited-edition lifestyle collection, Legendmakers, that leverages our hero’s journey: With names like the Magician, The Creator, the Hedonist, each archetype weaves its narrative into every thread. Our designs are timeless, forging a connection between past, present, and future.

Finally, we launched our new live series, Legendmakers™, interviewing groundbreaking and visionary CEO’s and influential creators that give you a front row seat on their epic hero's journey. Far From Timid’s Legendmakers™ series celebrates the legend, the hero in all of us.

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Become legendary, be far from timid.