In Brands We Trust: How Carlsberg Beer is pivoting to help struggling pubs and a thirsty public

Problem: Local Pubs in the UK facing possible extinction during Covid19

Solution: Carlsberg Beer pivots from a marketing campaign originally mapped out to talk about improvements to the beer experience to a platform that helps local pubs manage a safe drinking experience for pub-goers during COVID. Carlsberg created the LoveMyLocal platform that allows local pubs to register their website and add functionality that will:

1.    Book a table and pay online (contactless)

2.    Take online orders

3.    Sell vouchers. You can actually adopt a keg online and then redeem it at your local pub.

This platform is supported by an awareness campaign “Welcome Back To the Pub” created by Fold7. One of the most important elements of this campaign and service platform is that sentiment is monitored daily to ensure relevancy. The mood of the customer today can shift by the minute so an infinite feedback loop between brand and performance is key.

The service embedded in the brand experience is the bellwether for brand trust today. If we shift our thinking from medium or platform to brand experience, recovery may come sooner than we think.

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