Roaring Earth X Far From Timid NFT Collection

A great white shark was found stranded on the beach in Cape Cod in one of the most compelling video clips of a shark rescue. A cobra vs. clan of meerkats leaping to defend their turf in the Kahalari Desert. These viral wildlife videos from media brand Roaring.Earth help us discover, understand, celebrate and protect the animals we share the earth with. 

Roaring Earth is a curated wildlife community that delights global audiences with rare footage and images of wildlife on their terms and in their habitat. Leveraging one of the largest libraries of wildlife content in the world, they publish dozens of new stories every week delivering 10+ million PVs and reach over 10 million.

Far From Timid and Roaring Earth are partnering to create the most authentic wildlife NFT collection. The anthropomorphic animals that have become the subject for the most popular NFT collections like Pudgy Penguins and Bored Ape Yacht Club have brouht much needed awareness to wildlife conservation. The Far From Timid X Roaring Earth NFT collection is going to level this trend up, authentically connecting us to wildlife in their valiant struggle for survival.

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