Work From Heart Episode Two: Geoff Cottrill CMO, TopGolf

Just wow. Far From Timid's first live-stream series, WFH: Work From Heart, Episode 2 is now live. This series is about the opportunity we have/had during quarantine to fall in love with our life, work, and purpose again.

We were lucky to spend time with Geoff Cottrill, culture warrior CMO, TopGolf and former CMO Converse, and SVP The Coca-Cola Company.

We spoke mostly about brand empathy, brand trust, but also had time to get curious about his quarantine summer drink and music. Any brand marketer, creative, artist, or culture addict wondering how you fit into the lives of your customer and what role you can play during this shift, watch this.

 Just a few great nuggets:

  1. Don't sponsor culture, be a part of culture
  2. Don't lose the plot of why you are in your position as a marketer (or creative) in the first place
  3. You need to know when not to speak as a marketer. The art of knowing when to shut up.