Be Far From Timid in 2023


Be Far From Timid in 2023.

The week between Christmas and New Year is what we like to call a Fermata, a pause. Like the musical annotation signaling that a note should be played longer.

Fermata are days where you eat Nutella by the spoonful, lazy around, go swimming with your clothes on, open your heart to love, and create new rituals for you and your family.

Far From Timid Creative House began 2022 as a web 2/3 agency and is leaving it as Far From Timid Creative House–an agency for the now with a 200k strong community, a new lifestyle retail + NFT collection, and magazine.   

Thank you to our Legendmakers® (our team), our esteemed clients, our advisory board, and YOU–the Far From Timid community for helping us become Far From Timid Creative House.

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We can't wait to connect and partner with you in 2023.