Legendary status is essential in today's landscape for one simple reason: Relevance. Whether you are a creator, an entrepreneur, or work for a brand, crossing that threshold requires a special kind of focus, determination, and commitment.

There is a responsibility and great advantage if you choose to answer the call, to become legendary–a brand hero. In the age of blockchain, AI, and relentless change–AKA, WTF IS GOING ON?– brands face a pivotal question: How can they rise above the noise, master the constant pivot, and make an enduring impact? Strive for legendary and discover the story only you can tell and the experiences only you can deliver.

The price of progress is not for the faint of heart. There’s a story that comes to mind to describe what is required to become a brand hero from a speech John F. Kennedy gave in 1963 promoting the new space program. He referenced a story from Irish writer Frank O’Connor, who as a boy, he and his friends confronted an orchard wall in their countryside village that seemed too high, so they took off their hats and tossed them over the wall. They had no choice but to follow them. Going where no (hu)man has gone before, the United States had "thrown its hat over the wall of space and had no choice but to follow it."

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Legendary brands possess a magnetic appeal, captivating consumers with their enduring presence and cultural impact. Companies like Coca-Cola have built an empire based on consistency, marketing prowess, and unique taste. Apple's relentless pursuit of innovation has elevated it to a status where loyal customers eagerly await each product release. Nike harnessed the power of emotional connections to forge a dedicated community, while Disney's ability to create magical experiences has secured its legendary position.

David Bowie in his song Heroes yearns to be a hero “just for one day,” but brands like Nike, Apple, and Disney strive to be heroes “forever and ever.”

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While skeptics may question the value of this aspiration, it’s imperative to recognize the profound fiscal and cultural benefits becoming legendary can bring. Here are a few:

1. Competitive Advantage: Legendary brands enjoy a significant competitive advantage over their rivals. They have established themselves as leaders in their industries, making it difficult for new entrants to challenge their market dominance. Being a legendary brand helps companies stand out and attract customers even in highly saturated markets.

2. Customer Trust and Loyalty: Legendary brands have earned a high level of trust and loyalty from their customers. Consumers have confidence in the quality and reliability of legendary brands, which leads to repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships. Trust and loyalty are essential for sustainable business growth.

3. Premium Pricing: Legendary brands often have the ability to command premium prices for their products or services. Customers are willing to pay a premium because they associate legendary brands with superior quality, craftsmanship, and overall value. This allows companies to achieve higher profit margins and invest in further innovation.

4. Cultural Influence: Legendary brands have the power to shape culture and influence trends. They become a part of people's identities and can impact society at large. Aspiring to legendary status gives companies the opportunity to create a lasting impact and become a driving force in shaping the cultural landscape.

5. Talent Attraction and Retention: Legendary brands are magnets for top talent. Aspiring to legendary status enhances a company's reputation as an employer of choice, attracting skilled individuals who are passionate about contributing to an iconic brand. This fosters a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration, further propelling the company towards legendary status.

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Balancing ambition with authenticity, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to delivering value to customers remains paramount. Aspiring to legendary status should be a strategic endeavor, rooted in sustainable growth and a steadfast dedication to meeting evolving consumer needs.

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