Want to know what it takes to become legendary? To have enduring impact in an age of relentless change? Marketers and brand managers are often in the weeds, so we put together a checklist to remind you what matters most. 

Here's the checklist.

Download it here.

Unforgettable Stories
Legends' narratives live in collective memory. Do you have a compelling brand story only you can tell that you've shared with the world?

Extraordinary Achievements
Legends achieve beyond ordinary, leaving lasting impact in their fields. Are you leaning into your gifts or just looking to best your competitors?

Positive Impact on Society
They contribute to the greater good. How can you expand your relevance and contribute to the communities you serve?

Influence and Inspiration
They inspire and motivate, pushing boundaries and dreams. Are the marketing and brand experiences you're creating for your audience actionable and valuable?

Enduring Legacy
Their positive impact resonates with future generations. Are you still marketing according to demographics or have you personalized your customer journeys for subcultures?

Iconic Status
Recognized symbols of excellence and innovation. What is the one thing you want to be known for and are you amplifying stories and experiences to support it?

Trailblazing Pioneers
They break ground with innovation and vision. Are you taking chances or holding onto your job for dear life?

Resilience and Perseverance
Legends bounce back, unwavering in adversity. Are you able to put your failures in perspective and stay in the game, consistently?

Exemplary Character
Admirable traits inspire greatness. Is your culture as important as your brand? Great brands have great cultures.

Timeless Relevance
Celebrated through ages. Gimmicks are fun, but are you investing in longevity?

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