Work From Heart Episode 8: Designing The Metaverse for Brands

There are hundreds of videos, articles, and websites dedicated to explaining the metaverse, but if you own or manage a brand, this is the only source of truth you'll need for a strong foundation on how and why to enter the metaverse for your brand. Join Alona Elkayam, Chief, Far From Timid and Craig Elimeliah, Executive Creative Director at VMLY&R, for a very special and open conversation about Designing The Metaverse For Brands based on their experiences in building experiences for their clients. In this video:

1. What is the metaverse?
2. Web 3 in context to Web 2
3. Web 3 growth and stats in perspective
4. How brands can enter the metaverse
5. The value for brands in the metaverse
6. Defining your metaverse strategy
7. Where to build in the metaverse
8. Defining experiences in the metaverse


Watch the video here
Download the presentation here.