Work From Heart Episode 7: Jeff Bandman + Zeev Klein

The metaverse is the internet in 3D. Imagine traveling from url to url as an avatar where you can buy your favorite sneaker and meet like-minded people–maybe go to a club and dance wearing your new kicks? Or how about going to a museum in 3d with your friends from across the globe?

Watch Episode 7 of our Working From Heart series with Venture Capitalist Zeev Klein of Landmark Ventures and Jeff Bandman of Bandman Advisors as we discuss how to navigate this new 3D world.

More about the episode: Seemingly right after FB changed their name to Metaverse, the Metaverse, NFT’s and Crypto became top of mind. Things we’ll cover in this episode:
• How will the Metaverse change the way we live, work, and experience the world?
• What are things we need to watch out for?
• How can brands and people be a part of this paradigm shift?
• How can adtech behave responsibly so we don’t have a toxic metaverse with wallpaper ads
• Who is buying and selling NFT’s ?

Watch Episode 7